30 Amazing Dashboard Freebies in 2021 For Your Upcoming Projects

We all know how important nowadays is to design an amazing usable dashboard for our clients. First things first, we should take a deep study and prioritize usability over aesthetics, but in the same time we have to maintain that clean and modern look and feel. So, what is a dashboard?

Dashboard Freebies 2021

A dashboard or an admin panel is a dedicated first page of an web/mobile app that contains structured numeric data that clarifies the current/past situation of a business. Very pleasing to the eye all the data is shown through the help of graphs and charts that depicts a very professional look & feel.

A crucial part of a designer’s act is to get insights about the real needs of those who will absorb the data. If you look at Google Analytics or Revolut, you may observe that every statistics gets updated when selecting the desired time period. That is a key feature that you should take into consideration when building an admin panel. Simplicity is another crucial aspect that you should count on.

A well designed dashboard is not crowded with all sorts of graphical elements that serve no real purpose, but it offers a very clear way of displaying data that help people make fast business decisions.

Every designer enjoys to put together an exceptionally dashboard design, because of its complexity. What I mean by that is the usage of these wonderful graphs that stands out on one different category, that together builds an evolving structure. The contrast between small and huge typography used on values and label creates another cool effect that help people clearly see what’s important. Figures are important and always will be. Keep that in mind when designing an admin panel.

Bottom Line

It takes a lot of practice until you succeed creating an effective one. Meanwhile then you have to practice every day and be willing to face criticism. Step out of your comfort zone and become the best designer you can be. Start with these web ui kits freebies that will energize your creative process.

So, If you find yourself lost in this noisy world of creative shots and you don’t know where to look, we just expertly curated a list with the most modern dashboard designs that will boost up your creativity in 2021.

Dashboard Interface Elements by Tran Mau Tri Tam

Clinic UI Elements by Juliette Lagache

Unity Dashboard Kit by Tran Mau Tri Tam

Dash – Free Dashboard UI Figma by Bagus Fikri

Personal Dashboard UI Kit by AR Shakir

Freebie: Iconly 2 | Dark Component by Afshin T2Y

Profile dashboard XD freebie by Zhenya Karapetyan

Social Media Dashboard Elements by Mayursinh Jadeja

Project Management Dashboard Dark Freebie by Surja Sen Das Raj

Purity UI Dashboard by Creative Tim

Free Dashboard Web App Template by Panoply Store

Smart Home Dashboard by AR Shakir

Chatbot UI Kit by Kasper Christensen

Admin Panel from Seodity | Freebie by Edyta Kostańska

Dashboards Free UI Kit by Craftwork

Free Dark Crypto Dashboard by Zazuly Aziz

Cryptocurrency Dashboard Redesign by Carlos Han

Orion UI kit by Alien Pixels

Online Courses Dashboard by Bogusław Podhalicz

GameNite Free UI Kit Sketch by Bartek Zieman

To do dashboard by Bogusław Podhalicz

Multipurose Cards by Webpixels

Taders Social Network by Grégoire Vella

Ecommerce Dashboard by Bartosz Maryniaczyk

Grabstar Dashboard UI by Sanjoy Roy

Finance Dashboard by Siamak

Charts by LS.Graphics

XdDash – Free Xd Dashboard UI Kit by Zvonimir Juranko

Coinbase – Web Dashboard Ui Kit by Cr8tiv Emmy

Dashboard Freebie by Zazuly Aziz

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