7 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Use UI Kits

Good design is not just about the appearance; it’s about the process as well. UI kits are a set of components that can help you to improve the design workflow of your web or mobile application. Read on to find out more about what UI kits are and why you should consider using them.

What is a UI Kit?

A user interface kit is fundamentally a design file that contains screens relevant to a number of simple to complex use cases of a particular web or mobile app. These files are usually made using applications such as Xd, Sketch, or Figma.

A UI kit consists of a range of UI components such as colors, fonds, buttons, typography styles, selected controls, icons, and navigation patterns which are designed using a predefined style. This creates consistency and depicts a specific overall look across all user interfaces of the application.

The main advantage of using UI kits is that it enable designers to change the entire look of the application with just a few clicks. Being remarkably detail-oriented, they also handle all sorts of common design elements such as breadcrumbs, notifications, navigation, etc. Let’s See the Main Benfits of a Well-Executed UI Kit

1. Stops You From Reinventing the Wheel

Creating the same elements over and over can be very exhausting. A UI kit saves you a lot of effort.

2. Saves You a Lot of Time

UI kits reinforce the creative process of your project. They allow you to spend more time on the unique features of your product without worrying about standard details.

3. Constant Updates

A good UI kit provider will always add new screens and components to the kit periodically to match emerging design standards and business needs, so you can build complex and real use cases.

4. Modern Design

UI kits are created to match the latest design trends. This will save you from the long & tiring process of creating a unique design to meet contemporary design standards and enable you to direct that energy towards optimizing your product.

5. Modular Approach

Each UI kit element belongs to a specific layer & group as part of an evolving system. You have the freedom to easily change the entire look and feel of your application by updating each part of a component.

6. Productivity Gets Increased

A UI kit will let you have more fun by playing around with tons of elements. This will lead to increased efficiency and faster ideation.

7. Great Way to Improve Design Skills

Good UI kits are mostly created by experts in the field. Therefore, they are a great way to gain insights on new design techniques and best practices.

When to Use UI Kits?

ui kits
Savory – Food UI Kit
  • A UI kit can be especially useful when you are working as a group. It can act as a common language and ensure that all designers in the team have the same vision for the final product and its user experience.

  • UI kits are also great for when the designing process needs to be fast or when the product does not need to be heavily customized. With a well-organized UI kit, designers will be able to make only a few minor changes to finalize the product UIs.

  • Furthermore, UI kits are ideal for quick prototypes or MVPs (Minimum Viable Products). Because UI kits facilitate faster prototyping, stakeholders of the final product will be able to spot any issues and identify fixes for them well in advance, even though the design process is still ongoing.

    Check out the HotBlocks Mobile Flowcharts UI kit by premium UI kits which helps you to easily perform UX prototyping for your mobile app.

Final Thoughts

A UI kit is like a pizza on which you can put your own toppings. It should have a sustainable UX design, facilitating designers to easily customize the kit and apply it to a brand-new project. A good UI kit should be efficient, scalable, and professionally documented.

When we look at the already-very-saturated UI kit market, it is quite apparent why many of us are hesitant to buy them. Many UI kits are overly stylized and damn-near impossible to customize. This is where we at premium UI kits found our calling!

We believe that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication!  With a great deal of attention towards the design thinking process, we strive to produce simple but creative UI kits which creators can utilize to output amazing final products.

Check out the latest premium ui kits which have everything a designer will need. Get started today and let your creativity flow!

30 Amazing Dashboard Freebies in 2021 For Your Upcoming Projects

We all know how important nowadays is to design an amazing usable dashboard for our clients. First things first, we should take a deep study and prioritize usability over aesthetics, but in the same time we have to maintain that clean and modern look and feel. So, what is a dashboard?

A dashboard or an admin panel is a dedicated first page of an web/mobile app that contains structured numeric data that clarifies the current/past situation of a business. Very pleasing to the eye all the data is shown through the help of graphs and charts that depicts a very professional look & feel.

A crucial part of a designer’s act is to get insights about the real needs of those who will absorb the data. If you look at Google Analytics or Revolut, you may observe that every statistics gets updated when selecting the desired time period. That is a key feature that you should take into consideration when building an admin panel. Simplicity is another crucial aspect that you should count on.

A well designed dashboard is not crowded with all sorts of graphical elements that serve no real purpose, but it offers a very clear way of displaying data that help people make fast business decisions.

Every designer enjoys to put together an exceptionally dashboard design, because of its complexity. What I mean by that is the usage of these wonderful graphs that stands out on one different category, that together builds an evolving structure. The contrast between small and huge typography used on values and label creates another cool effect that help people clearly see what’s important. Figures are important and always will be. Keep that in mind when designing an admin panel.

Bottom Line

It takes a lot of practice until you succeed creating an effective one. Meanwhile then you have to practice every day and be willing to face criticism. Step out of your comfort zone and become the best designer you can be. Start with these web ui kits freebies that will energize your creative process.

So, If you find yourself lost in this noisy world of creative shots and you don’t know where to look, we just expertly curated a list with the most modern dashboard designs that will boost up your creativity in 2021.

Dashboard Interface Elements by Tran Mau Tri Tam

Clinic UI Elements by Juliette Lagache

Unity Dashboard Kit by Tran Mau Tri Tam

Dash – Free Dashboard UI Figma by Bagus Fikri

Personal Dashboard UI Kit by AR Shakir

Freebie: Iconly 2 | Dark Component by Afshin T2Y

Profile dashboard XD freebie by Zhenya Karapetyan

Social Media Dashboard Elements by Mayursinh Jadeja

Project Management Dashboard Dark Freebie by Surja Sen Das Raj

Purity UI Dashboard by Creative Tim

Free Dashboard Web App Template by Panoply Store

Smart Home Dashboard by AR Shakir

Chatbot UI Kit by Kasper Christensen

Admin Panel from Seodity | Freebie by Edyta Kostańska

Dashboards Free UI Kit by Craftwork

Free Dark Crypto Dashboard by Zazuly Aziz

Cryptocurrency Dashboard Redesign by Carlos Han

Orion UI kit by Alien Pixels

Online Courses Dashboard by Bogusław Podhalicz

GameNite Free UI Kit Sketch by Bartek Zieman

To do dashboard by Bogusław Podhalicz

Multipurose Cards by Webpixels

Taders Social Network by Grégoire Vella

Ecommerce Dashboard by Bartosz Maryniaczyk

Grabstar Dashboard UI by Sanjoy Roy

Finance Dashboard by Siamak

Charts by LS.Graphics

XdDash – Free Xd Dashboard UI Kit by Zvonimir Juranko

Coinbase – Web Dashboard Ui Kit by Cr8tiv Emmy

Dashboard Freebie by Zazuly Aziz

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10 Best UX Blogs You Should Bookmark in 2021

Hi guys! Lately, the ux design field increased seamingly and its popularity on the internet went only up, but in this large expanse of sources and publications- there are a few that stand out quite a lot! In lieu of the same, here is a list of our favorite UX Blogs that you must check out. Enjoy!

1. Interaction Design Foundation

Interaction Design Foundation

Interaction design is especially useful, because it is so much more than just a blog. In addition to well written and eloquent blog posts, this website allows audiences to sign up for multiple online courses and webinars, that teach you even more about the ux design world.

Even better is that you can do all this at your own pace, without ever missing a deadline or being late for a class. If that wasn’t enough, they are currently doing research regarding a more human-centered approach to problem solving. Also they aim towards creating products that enable users to achieve objectives in the best way possible.

Quick facts:

2. NNGroup

Although this website does offer extremely handy blog articles about certain “How to”s of UX design, what is even more attractive is the websites ‘study guides’. These allow audiences to gain more wisdom about what the UX world offers to them. and the other way around.

Even if you are someone that does not particularly enjoy reading, you don’t need to worry about it, since nngroup also offers video posts about popular UX topics. Nngroup is also extremely helpful when it comes to user testing, and has hordes of research and information regarding users, which can prove highly useful to projects that you work on!

Quick facts:

  • Link: nngroup.com
  • Useful How-to tutorials 
  • Video blogs 
  • Reliable research conducted through interviews

3. Usability Geek

Usabilitygeek aims their blog posts towards a niche of UX design: usability. Their topics range from inclusion in terms of UX, to comparisons between new technology and old and also to articles that are aimed towards helping you make the most of the tools you have. All for increasing the usability of your site.

Another advantage to this site is of course the fact that it offers discounts to online ux courses!

Quick facts:

  • Link: usabilitygeek.com
  • Pro and con lists 
  • 25% off on interaction design foundation courses

4. UX Collective

Based on Medium’s platform, ux collective offers hooking articles, and has 416k followers to show it. It tackles a list of article topics ranging from comparisons between two different design tools, to editorial style articles such as motherhood and design.

For instance, they have a tremendously beneficial article regarding forms, design systems and how designers can make the most of buttons. Another element that they do really well is the graphics and images that go along with their blogs, always offering eye-capturing gifs and images to attract you to the articles.

Quick facts:

  • Link: uxdesign.cc 
  • Editorial articles – Useful use cases
  • Connect with large audiences with similar interests 
  • Main Focus – aesthetics and usability

5. UX Movement

Uxmovement contains a vast variety of articles, and conveniently divides them up into certain subheadings such as “wireframes” or “thinking” that allow you to find the perfect article for you, in a short amount of time.

Additionally, this website offers all sorts of topics that raiders can debate upon, such as “Actionable Vs. Unactionable: Which are you getting?”, and readers can have a discussion in the comment section to understand different perspectives.

Quick facts:

  • Link: uxmovement.com 
  • Flagship service – Tackles a wide expanse of topics 
  • Main advantage – Debate spaces where you learn to argument your decisions
  • Topics – Wide variety

6. Just In Mind

Just in mind takes on a more hands-on approach to UX UI design, and provides a variety of tools and prototyping tools to help get started on any project.

This blog also offers several examples of features, designs, and websites/applications that you can use as inspiration for your creations. Making their brand increasingly convenient, justinmind also has a mobile application that you can download!

Quick facts:

  • Link: justinmind.com
  • Access to tools that can be used 
  • Find inspiration through various examples
  • Use anywhere, with convenience

7. UX Booth

Uxbooth is an especially useful corner of the internet that discusses a large range of topics, even those that may not be directly related to designing, such as helping audiences with the more business related elements of the UX field. Their team, made up of field experts, also offers regular newsletters to readers, so that you never miss out on a trend!

Quick facts:

  • Link: uxbooth.com
  • Helpful even when it comes to understanding the more business and financial side of the field 
  • Stay in touch through newsletters 
  • In-house experts

8. Ux Design Institute

A great website that provide professional courses that allow beginners to earn a diploma regarding UX/UI design, all while sitting in the comfort of their house.

There are a variety of academic courses to join, that range from specialist courses to professional certificates, to shorter 6 week courses. Which means that they have a course for just about anyone that has an interest in learning UX design. The highly rated reviews on their website, from over 500 users, are proof of their expertise and high quality work.

Quick facts:

  • Link: uxdesigninstitute.com 
  • Prices range from 950 Euros (for six week courses) to 1,850 Euros (for fully professional, 3 month courses) 
  • 2,750 Euros for a 6 month, professional diploma in UX design 
  • Online and self paced

9. UX Mastery

This amazing blog, which partners with the Interaction design foundation, is the place you can go to for anything you are interested in. Learning about recent trends in design, reading more about research in particular, or just finding a space to connect to others that have similar interests.

With the help of editorial pieces, articles on a vast list of topics, and a chance to join diverse learning communities, ux mastery becomes the go-to for anything you could need!

Quick facts:

  • Link: uxmastery.com 
  • Up to date on current affairs in terms of UX 
  • Opportunity to connect with others

10. UX Planet

The last entry to our list defines itself as the “one stop resource for everything related to user experience”, and it’s impossible to disagree. With individual resources for professionals and beginners, this blog proves to be exceedingly beneficial for anyone interested in UX design, regardless of their expertise.

It also consists of different “episodes”, led by specialists, that users can subscribe to in order to stay up to date, and learn more specifically about art and the purpose of popular art pieces.

Quick facts:

  • Link: uxplanet.org 
  • Professionals providing assistance 
  • For all expertise levels 
  • Episodical check ins with the art world


Guys, as you probably know reading ux blogs helps you pave the way in this amazing field, but practicing with trial and error is the most important aspect when it comes to shaping strong skills in any field not just user experience design. Staying up to date with latest updates, trends and best practices in ux/ui design industry is a must, that’s why we’ve outlined blogs that we believe are assets for your toolbelt!

Which one is your personal favourite? Or, do you think we missed out on any hidden gems? Let us know by writing at [email protected]