Boutique du Pain – Bakery Mobile Freebie

Freshly baked, this delicious bakery mobile freebie comes in a minimalist style that makes your bread products stand out. We know how much love the bakers put in producing a crusty loaf of bread, that’s why we created this digital asset that might come in handy for busy designers. Feel free to use it in your upcoming projects. Have a bite!


  1. Install Inter and Georgia fonts in order to see the right typography.
  2. To update the colors with your desired ones go to Components > Colors Variables and change them from there.
  3. In symbols you can see Fonds.
  4. A button is made up with Fonds + Color + Shadow.
  5. You can change the radius of the button by changing the Base (Square, Very Small Radius, Small Radius, Medium, Large, Huge and Circle)

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to write us at [email protected]

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